December 27, 2004
Amy writes:

For those of you who know us quite well, you'll agree that Jody and I aren't really the outdoors type. Yes, we like a good BBQ in the garden, a stroll in the park but normally we're much more at home with indoor pursuits which is why four days in the Cameron Highlands, Malaysia's foremost jungle trekking and hiking destination may seem like a bit of a strange choice.

I was definately not expecting mountains, rolling hills and Swiss-style buildings which made you feel like you were in a scene from "The Sound of Music".

However, we still got stuck in. We're stayed in the strangest place (Father's Guest House) where the rooms are in old tin-roofed bunkers like air-raid shelters above ground. It was comfortable though and cosy under our thick fleece blankets at night. Yes, it was bloody freezing!

On our first full day, Jody and I attempted a walk in the rainforest on the trail known as 9a. The trails are quite well worn but some are still a bit high, slippery and precarious. You can imagine:- Me, little-miss-no-balance and Jody with his long legs, trying to squeeze through the tiniest gaps and not fall off the cliff. Having walked for over an hour longer than we were told the trail should be, we did get a bit worried at the end. Jody had to shout down at a man working in the fields below and signal for directions. We soldiered on, then realised that parts of the path on this final stretch had given way. I scrambled across, then burst into tears as Jody got stuck mid-way and my throwing him a branch (as seen in all good Indiana Jones movies), only blocked his way even further. My tears turned to tears of relief as he jumped to saftey, clutching vines and we both realised it was the end of the trail. Hurrah for that!

The following day, we tried a guided walk - the guide kept handing us plants to smell, touch or eat. We didn't mind until one flower made our tongues go numb (then we learnt that it's used as an anaesthetic).

Something we won't forget about the Cameron Highlands is the day we tried Durian. It's a huge spiky fruit like a big pinapple but it's banned in most hotels because it sinks. People often describe the experience of trying it as like eating custard in a sewer. It apparently tastes better if you can get over the smell but I couldn't. All I remember is the beige, avocado-like flesh, biting into it and trying not to gag. People in Asian countries go mad for it though.

We left the Cameron Highlands to spend xmas in the capital, Kuala Lumpur but we've been here for four days and we find it characterless and dull. Had a good Christmas though (thanks Jody for my Gucci timepiece) and even managed to get ourselves in the newspaper today! (See photo).

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  • phew... your travelog has taken on dynamic proportions. Reading it has become a rollercoaster ride rich in adventure, complete with near misses and mountains of emotion.
    Sitting here on a gorgeous, sunny day in New Barnet, with a bloated belly from three days of over-indulgence - my kid sister Jane's cooking on Christmas Day, the Gilbert's buffet on Christmas night, Jackie and Alan's buffet on Boxing day and a blow-out at my place yesterday - I thought nothing would stir me...until I read your latest blog entries...

    What an extraordinary adveture you're both enjoying, and how epically written each entry has become. It's so easy to close your eyes after reading each passage and become transported to the incident in the moment...either that or the Sherry trifle I had last night was stronger than anticipated.

    The moment where Josh was stuck on your jungle trek and you started to cry Amy and you threw a branch that only made matters worse, and then Josh lept to saftey - strewth, I swear my heart stopped beating for a moment when I was reading this account....

    Keep on truckin' the pair of you - and keep on writing it all down, becuase it really has becoime a joy to read it all. Loadsaluv, yer uncle Jonty...

    By Blogger Jonathan Ashby, at 11:28 AM  

  • Yeah, keep on truckin good buddy 10-4.
    If you manage to make inter-state 66 make sure you drop in on my cousin Silas. You won't miss him, he owns the truck store on 12th and Queens. If you tell him ol Skip sent you along he may even let you stay for a night or two.

    your ol buddy Skip

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:55 PM  

  • just come back from there you two, so know all about rolling hills. mountains and pretty little doll house buildings, sound of music country that is, perilous driving through the mountains in a 52 seater bus, with a few inches to spare each side of the road, and no i did'nt close my eyes, so glad you are both safe, had lots of people ask after you, after reading the tragic news of thialand, they all wish you well, take care,

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:33 PM  

  • Glad to hear you guys are okay! I've been worried over the past few days as the computer's broken and I've had no way of hearing from you. But extremely relieved and as usual, happy to hear the adventure's continuing - love hearing your stories!

    We had a white Christmas here in bonnie Scotland, but it's completely over-rated, was bloody freezin'! Nevertheless, Stephen's flatmate's from South Africa and it's the first time she's seen or, of course, touched snow, so it was very special for her.

    Whether you make it to Aus for New Year or after, here's Flora address, she's in Sydney at the moment: florasutherland@hotmail.com.

    Have a fantastic New Year, thinking of you,

    By Blogger becky mitchell, at 11:31 AM  

  • I'm too lazy to register :) so tis Gaz.

    Good to see you guys are OK and have been having some fun times, have a great new year!

    Poke a foreigner for meh!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:50 AM  

  • This is a great place with all the natural and unspoiled beauty which is very attractive and indulging for sure.

    By Anonymous victorian inn bed and breakfast, at 12:56 PM  

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