December 08, 2004
Amy writes:

We are still on the beaches of Thailand - until some point next week. Then we head on down to Malaysia and into the unknown...

At the moment, we're really enjoying the lazy days (and nights) in Ko Lanta at Klong Khong beach. It's not as picture-perfect as it was on Ko Phi Phi - but it sure is a lot quieter. We moved accommodation yesterday after finding we were sharing our beach bungalow with a huge black rat. He didn't want to share, and neither quite frankly did we. It was horrendous. We spotted the vermin just before bed and after that it was a sleepless night under the mossie net, jumping at every sound and waving the torch around the room. I arrived at the Lanta Merry Hut (our new place) looking like the undead, but after an hour's kip in a hammock overlooking the beach and some hearty Thai fare, I felt right at home. And so it has continued.

You'll see from the above picture that you can't actually swim directly where we are on the beach. It's extremely shallow and so much so, at low tide - all the coral (dead and alive) appear over the waterline. The dead coral looks just like plain ole rock until you get up close. We've been told there is a swimming spot nearby but are too lazy to walk there.
Currently, we're too contented reading, playing cards, eating and watching the occasional movie shown in a beach bar. We've met a few people but it is pretty deserted here and I'm finding it brilliant having our 'own' beach (almost!). Jodes and I are having a good laugh and tonight, he found a mossie bite and I didn't get one! Note - the reason I'm in such a good mood. :)

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  • I'd love to make a great intellectual comment on your travels etc, but all I can think of right now is how that photo looks like Amy's standing on a gigantic enlarged dry cow pat.
    Loved the idea of the 'battle cats', I wonder if that could be made into a kids toy?? Life size vibrating cats that gradualy increase in growling noises until one blows apart like 'Bucking Bronco'.
    Great fun keeping up with what you're both up to. Have a snooze for me.

    By Blogger Big H, at 3:23 PM  

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