March 19, 2005
Amy writes:

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I know it's not good to backtrack but this is the first time I've properly been on a computer in over a month. So odd, almost forgotten how to tpye...

Just wanted to pop in my highlights (and lowlights) of Oz - before we close that chapter forever.

Kangaroo Island - A wee island off the coast of Adelaide, south Australia that's just teaming with wildlife. It turned the two of us into David-Bellamy-type animal enthusiasts for our two day stay as we spent every waking moment scouring the bush for native creatures. We were lucky to capture a rare glimpse of the elusive Echidna (so cute!), and one of only two egg-laying mammals in the world. We were also thrilled by a walk on the beach at Seal Bay where we were able to observe wild Australian sea lions only a few metres away. They didn't seem to be bothered about groups of tourists wandering nearby as they slept on the sand. And the cute pups chased seagulls for our amusement.

Uluru (Ayers Rocks to you and me) - was Bluergh! Spent the three-day trip googly-eyed as I couldn't sleep due to freak cold weather and grit in my eye (don't ask!). Let's just say after two nights of lying awake with numb icy fingers and toes, I was pretty grumpy. Think I was so concerned with staying awake, the rock didn't impress me as much as it might have.

Sydney - Just beautiful! My cousin Jenny got married which was a fantasic day then Jody and I dragged my grandmother around for the rest of the week sightseeing. The harbour/opera house I think were Jody's highlights. Good pics all round. Mine was the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb - a 3-hour walk right to the top of the bridge wearing this highly unattractive grey jumpsuit. You aren't even allowed to take tissue up with you, let alone a camera. This is because traffic and people using the bridge below probably wouldn't appreciate it if I were to accidentally drop something on their car/head.

New Zealand is such a different place and there's so much more to write but so little time, in fact no time right now. Ah, the story of my life. C'est la vie!

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  • wotcha...playing catcvhup today.. haven't looked at your site in a while... so there was plenty to read. Jody, I love the way you write, had me laughing out loud several times... and the photos are still sensational.. and I'm still jealous... although I have some travel adventures coming up too.. two months in Bequia again from 10th May but before that a week in a monastory, where all meals and musch of the rest of the day is spent in silence and there's a lot of parying to be done. Don't know about staying silent... this is gonna be quite a challenge, but given what you to have endured in the past several months, I'm sure I can do it. Okay, ta ta for now. lotsaluv, Jonathan

    By Blogger Jonathan, at 7:20 PM  

  • A stay in a monastry sounds like a great experience, though I don't think I'd fancy it. I hope the monks brew their own beer - definitely a reason to stay, though I doubt there will be many sing-songs around the piano.


    By Blogger Jody, at 10:49 AM  

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