October 23, 2004
Jody writes:

As of today, Amy and I are officially homeless. After a horrible seven days of condensing everything we own into boxes and sending them off to both our parents' houses, we've moved out and are staying with Amy's folks for the final week before we leave.

It's been such a stressful hassle that we're going to need a really long holiday to recover.

Thanks to my mum, Amy's parents and everyone else who has lugged boxes around for us.

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  • Being homeless sucks big time, but at least you have somewhere to go!!!

    Hope you guys are excited, cause I know I am (I'm hiding in that suitcase that keeps coughing! :o).

    The day is saved by Amy's parents, go you guys!

    A week?!?!? That's too long to keep me locked in here... I mean waiting!!! <3

    By Blogger Kai, at 1:27 PM  

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