November 28, 2004
Jody writes:

On Thursday we arrived in Ao Nang - a small beach resort North of Krabi on Thailand's West coast. Since then we've relaxed, eaten lots of seafood and today went on a tour of four islands.

While Amy got down to some serious snorkeling on Poda Island (in water, she says, as bright green as jade), I hassled a group of monkeys. We were warned not to approach them due to their track record of attacking and robbing humans, but they seemed pleasant enough. Soon lots of people came over to photograph the apes, who were happy to fool around for the camera. Then I saw one of them slink away from the others and make a beeline for our bags, but I was quick to chase it away before it got near. Unimpressed that their plan had failed, the alpha male monkey (he was twice the size of all the others with a mean set of Dracula fangs) stomped down to the other tourists and made it known that there would be no more pictures today.

I've uploaded some photos from today, but need to rush off now to have dinner with some friends we've made since being here. We plan to leave Ao Nang for Ko Phi Phi tomorrow - I'm sure Amy will fill you in when she has time.

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  • just seen your photo's taken in Ao Nang, you two look great, the water looks so calm and clear, wish we were there, beats Laxfield, 16 bits now then Jody, does that mean the garlic's not working? love from both of us, x

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:25 PM  

  • It's Sunday evening here in Barnet and I've just spent almost an hour reading all your graphically written diary entries and looking at all your wonderful photographs. Ah, the envy, the jealousy, the overwhelming wish-I-was-there syndrome. I note the nat bite tally as stalled. Are you now enjoying bite free days? I had no understanding what the Blog business was all about until you started. Now I'm hooked - and the add-ons, like the slide show way of looking at your photos is seriously attractive IT technology.
    There is something missing though. You tell us what's happening but not how you feel - and how you two are getting along together and what you both talk about. Okay, okay, the writer in me is trying to encourage you to turn your blog into a romatic travellog, but hey, why not? What you have written and photographed so far has certainly captured the imagination of anyone who has taken time to check it all out, so why not return with a publishable work in hand...
    and anyway, Jody, I miss the style of writing you employed in your BBC website column which Amy got me hooked into in a matter of hours one afternoon round at Amy's parents place just before you left.. and it would be nice to read some of that style again applied to your blogalog. Lotsaluv, you lucky buggers. Uncle Jonty

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:31 PM  

  • Hey hey!
    I haven't been able ot keep much track lately with work (doing damned 12.5 hour shifts lol).
    Great to be back, and I see all I've missed is great!!!!
    Still cool to see you guys truckin' along!

    Did that monkey have one of those huge red behinds that get me laughin' all the time? :-p

    xxx Kai

    By Blogger Kai, at 9:36 PM  

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