January 19, 2005
Jody writes:

It was 10 or so days back and Amy and I were trying hard to befriend one of the fat-arsed marsupials that live on Rottnest island (here's a cute, close-up photo of one). When a Dutch explorer discovered the island in 1696, he mistook the quokkas as king-sized rats, thus it's name, in English, 'rats nest'. So for us it was essential to track some down and coax them out for photographs.

It was all going fine until the little bugger bit my finger. No blood was drawn, but for a moment I thought that the 120 quid I shelled out for rabies jabs might have been worth it.

Where are we? We're currently staying in Coral Bay and settled here after a six-day tour up the west coast with an excellent local company called Red Earth Safaris. Coral Bay is small, with one hostel, a few shops, two cafes, a pub and a couple of restaurants. Today was the first day that it's been cool enough to lay in the sun on the beach - it's unbelievably hot here and reached 46C yesterday.

Yesterday we got up early to see reef sharks and sand sharks from the shore, before wading out to get close to them. It's perfectly safe, Mum - they're very timid and scatter at the slightest movement.

We haven't seen many computers, which is why the blog has become neglected, but we'll try and upload a few photos and write some more before we leave on Friday. Otherwise, just take it that we're having a good time and are too busy to write.

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  • ah.. coral bay! one of my favourite destinations from the oz part of my trip.. it is beautiful!

    as you will have probably gathered, internet stations are few and far between up the west coast, as the towns are so small.. also, it is v expensive.

    i emailed amy and suggested you go to karajini national park, as everyone says how amazing it is..

    anyway, jealous as ever, better get back to work.

    love to you both.

    berg xxxx

    PS - think one quokka bite should equal 1000 mozzy bites, so looks like you're ahead in the Bite-O'Meter for once Jody!

    By Blogger The Berg, at 1:33 PM  

  • Glad to know the shark's don't bite, let's hope the cuddly creature is'nt rabied, so the jab is'nt put to the test, Don't worry, am only joking, well I hope I am! By the way Amy, tidy your room, Good luck, with the rest of your travels, love to both of you, from both of us. x

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:39 PM  

  • Holy heck!!!!
    With the ammount of bites between you guys, you could umm.... hmmm... nah... I had something going there and I've lost it! D'oh!

    Anyhoo, those rat things are cool, but are they really as cute as they're made out to be?

    I get the thought that they're like baby kangaroo's - you go awwwwwww for them, and then when you see one covered in mucus, you just wanna hurl your guts at it!
    (Well I do anyway... *whistles*)

    Missin you guys... yes, I havent met Jody and I'm missin ya!!!!!!!! (I'm just easily woo'd I think).

    Really glad to see you're still having fun after all the travelling - I'd be bloody knackered and moanin!!! ;)

    *mwah* to ya both!

    Kai x

    By Blogger Kai, at 9:43 PM  

  • A quokka bit me.... hmmmm... never heard of one of these before... thanks for extending my vocabulary.. not that I can immediately think of a future occassion when I might need to use this word again.

    Good to see you back on line. The withdrawl symptons I told you about were getting quite horrific.... so bad in fact I thought about starting a new 12-step group called Blogwithdrawl Anonymous.. but on January 19th, my kid sister Jane's birthday, you came to the rescue...

    Keep on truckin' it's a real regular joy to catch up on your travels. Lotsaluv, Jonathan

    By Blogger Jonathan, at 11:56 AM  

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